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Bait Station System

Even the very best stand-alone treatments are not 100% effective under all circumstances and over time. This is why it is common practice in the industry to require a thorough inspection of your home at least once per year in order to maintain the guaranty. That, however, is not always enough, since termites can cause a lot of damage in 12 months. Instead, we install our colony bait station system with every treatment. The bait stations are inspected every three months, and if termites are present, a bait is applied and the stations are checked monthly until the activity stops. This dual level of protection greatly reduces the risk of re-infestation in the years following the primary treatment. Termites are relentless, constantly seeking to penetrate into any wood source. With the our dual treatment, you can rest assured as hard as the termites are working to come in, we are working even harder to keep them out.