Residential Services - Bee Control & Removal

Are you afraid to sit on your porch or patio because you think you might get stung? Are bees, wasps and hornets getting into your home? Yosemite Pest Control is skilled and experienced in the control and removal of stinging insects, which includes bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Protect your home and keep your family safe by hiring Yosemite Pest Control.

Stinging Insect Prevention: Keeping Bees & Wasps Away

The best way to resolve any wasp or bee problem is to prevent it altogether.

Stinging Insect Extermination: Bee Removal and Wasp Control Bee, hornet, wasp and yellow jacket nests and swarms can quickly form in or on your ceilings, walls, deck, shed, yard, or shrubs. Generally, in no more than an hour or two, YPC will locate, destroy, and (whenever possible) remove the bees and wasps
and the entire bee nest or wasp nest. Most of the bees or wasps are killed instantly - within a matter of minutes. The few remaining stragglers will die off over a few days.






Paper Wasp (or sometimes called Umbrella Wasp) nest

1. To prevent bees from entering your home, office, or other building, YPC sprays a residual chemical on the outside of your home as a repellent.
2. Honey Bees may be exterminated if they are nesting in the house. For existing nests, we will treat using dust or aerosols.
3. If nests are found away from the house, we can remove the bees and give to a bee keeper to relocate the hive and use for honey or pollination.
4. Honey bee nests found in the structure of your home must be removed to prevent rotten smells that can attract rodents and other insects. Some honey bee hives require walls or eaves to be opened up to make it accessible. In that case, our experienced team will repair any damage.