Residential Services - Fungus Control

When you think of wood destroying organisms, termites definitely come to mind. But, there is another nuisance chewing away at the interior and exterior of your home. Fungus itself is merely a plant that lacks Chloroplasts which other allows other plants conduct photosynthesis and convert the energy of Sun into biological energy within themselves. However, since fungus does not have such an ability to grow itself, it grows by consuming the plants and wood on which it lives. Fungus comes in a variety of forms.

Fungus Control consists of inspecting structures for fungus damage and conditions which may lead to or already might have lead to fungus infestation and correcting these conditions, as well as conducting necessary repairs. The most important aspect of fungus control is inspecting accessible and visible wood members in structures and reporting and repairing fungus infestations and damage, if present. Repairing fungus damage includes replacing the damaged wood members as well as fixing the conditions which lead to the damage. Yosemite Pest Control is well-known for leaving a home in better condition than how we found it.

Dry-Rot: Dry-rot is the main cause of damage in wooden structures and needs moisture to survive and flourish. If there is no sufficient moisture any type of fungus recedes, then the existing damage stops. The Yosemite Pest Control team will identify dry-rot areas and then eliminate that moisture that nurtures the fungus.




Wood Surface Fungus: Wood surface fungus can attack floor boards and support beams and cause havoc to your home's structure.






Photo of Wood Surface Fungus Damage