Residential Services - Pest Control

Why do so many home owners spend so much time controlling pests on their own? Traveling back and forth to the hardware store and buying products that may or may not be effective, can be expensive and time consuming. Pests are continually trying to find ways into our homes and businesses because of food, shelter and safe harborage found inside and outside structures. For this reason, professional pest control is a better choice.Take the guess work out of pest control and hire experts who can identify your particular problem and eliminate or prevent an infestation. Here is what you can expect with Yosemite Pest Control’s standard pest service. We will start by sweeping down the webs around your eves, windows, foundation, and fence line. In addition to making your home or business look nice, sweeping down the webs will help prevent those spiders from getting inside. Your property’s exterior will be inspected each time to identify problem areas and potential risk. Then your property will be thoroughly treated to control insect populations.

If you have a particular problem, we can profide specific treatment:
• Ants
• Fleas
• Ticks
• Spiders
• Roaches and Bedbugs
• IPM (Integrated Pest Management)