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Protect Your Investments

Americans spend thousands of dollars a year on home security systems to protect their families and investments from outside intruders. But what about the invaders inside your home that are sometimes silent destroyers, chewing away at the house’s frame and taking over? Pests can cause serious damage to your house, both inside and out, as well as spread serious diseases. Before the damage gets out of control, call the professionals at Yosemite Pest Control and eliminate the problem.

For more than 30 years, Yosemite Pest Control has been protecting homes and families in the Sierra Mountains, Central Valley and Northern California from pest infestation. From new homes to historic landmarks, YPC provides a wide variety of services available to protect your home from rodents, ants, roaches, termites or any other harmful pests. Our crew will start by taking a detailed evaluation of your home and identifying any threat by pests, mold or fungus. And our knowledgeable crew does not stop there. After we identify and take care of the infestation, Yosemite Pest Control will also provide quality repair services. Our repair professionals are trained to restore wood damage and resolve associated conditions. All wood repairs are completed calked, sealed, and painted using a similar color of matched paint. We leave your home free of infestation and in better shape than when we arrived. The Yosemite Pest Control team takes each job seriously and will ensure completion in a time-efficient, professional manner.

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