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Black Widows are very common throughout the California, causing potentially serious injury with their bite. The adult females are easily identifiable by their shiny black body color and red hourglass on the belly. Similar to the brown recluse, black widows thrive in dark, hidden areas, such as corners, less used cabinets, underneath furniture, garage cabinets and more. YPC will conduct an inspection and eliminate this spider from inside and outside your home.



Brown Recluse Spiders are one of the most common poisonous and dangerous spiders in California is the brown recluse. The brown recluse, as the name indicates, lives in dark, isolated areas and is rarely seen. Yet, in California, people frequently relate stories in which they or someone they know was supposedly bitten or they have had a physician diagnose them with a brown recluse spider bite. A brown recluse spider bite can be dangerous and, in some cases, deadly. Yosemite Pest Control will help identify if you have brown recluse spiders and eliminate the arachnid before there is a problem.



Brown Recluse Spider