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Termite Inspection & Escrow Reports

Are you buying or selling a home or commercial property?

A home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, so you want ensure that your investment is sound. The crew at Yosemite Pest Control is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to escrow services. – It’s more than 50% of our business and is our specialty. We’ve worked with hundreds of realtors and potential home owners to provide a pest-free home before escrow is closed. We will inspect the interior, exterior, sub-area and attic of your new home for signs of termites, fungus, or other infestations, as well as informing you of precautions in trouble spots of future infestations and infections. After our inspection, we issue you a full report listing our findings and recommendations, along with the costs to treat and repair the necessary areas and then deliver the report to you and your escrow company. You wouldn’t buy a home that another family is already living in, so why share your new home with pests? Make your escrow stress free and call the professionals at Yosemite Pest Control. You’ll be happy you did.


• Termite Inspection/Tenting
• Fungus/Pest Inspection
• Full Escrow Report