Residential Services - Termite Control - Electro-Gun

Yosemite Pest Control is a licensed user of the Electro-Gun and has been trained and certified by Etex, Ltd.

What is the Electro-Gun Treatment System?

The Electro-Gun is a hand-held device that emits 90,000 volts of electricity in order to treat Drywood termites. The termites then conduct the current because their bodies are 90% water. Wood, however, is not a good conductor of electricity. The electric current seeks the path of least resistance therefore it enters the termite tunnels and shocks them. Now in its fourth generation since 1979, the Electro-Gun is an innovative, technically intricate, hand-held electronic system that combines high frequency and high voltage to overcome wood's natural resistance to electrical current flow, this system allows electrical current to penetrate wood and flow into
the galleries and nests of drywood termites, killing them by electrical shock.

Etex ® is the manufacturer of the Electro-Gun ®, the most state-of-the-art device on the market for the eradication of localized infestations of drywood termites.

EctroGun has demonstrated a stand-alone overall efficacy of 100% when tested by the world renowned CSIRO Forestry Products Laboratory in Clayton, Australia, as well as 98.6% in comparative studies at the University of California, Berkeley, when used as recommended by Etex. The Electro-Gun ®, when properly used, can provide complete control of drywood termite problems in many of the diagnosed infestations found in homes, condos and other wooden structures with minimal or no use of chemicals.